Guarentee of Quality
Jefo guarantees the products you have purchased against any defect resulting from manufacturers workmanship for the period set out below. This EXCLUDES claims that arise from damage through tampering, misuse or neglect. Jefo takes pride in the quality of our products and our workmanship. This guarantee is limited to the repair OR replacement of the faulty material or component at the discretion of Jefo. Please note that ONLY material failure due to corrosion which prevents the proper or intended operation of the product will be considered for repair or replacement.

This guarantee becomes null and void if:
1) Damage has been caused by unauthorized repair or tampering.
2) Regular maintenance as per this guarantee has not been carried out.

Inland - 5 Years
Gates installed on the outside of any premises or building are not guaranteed against corrosion, unless the customer has opted to purchase a Galvanised product.

Coastal - 3 Years (Galvanised products)


Product Care Instructions
1. Opt for internal installations as far as practical (better security aspects and protection from elements)
2. Avoid chipping or scratching the surface paint, exposing metal finishes.
3. It is imperative to lubricate and clean the barrier regularly. It should be washed down with a salt free wash and wax solution, such as a good car wash.
4. Use only high quality non-oil silicone lubricant on your barrier. Regularly lubricate inside toprails, bottom rails and all moving parts.
a) In severe marine areas (within 500m from beachfront) – minimum weekly clean.
b) In Moderate coastal areas (1 – 10km from beachfront) – minimum every two weeks clean.
c) Areas prone to mild corrosive conditions (10km plus from beachfront) – minimum of every three weeks clean.
d) Inland areas – minimum monthly clean.

These are the minimum guidelines but one should treat the product as you would a car or any other item that needs cleaning and maintenance to remain in good, proper working condition.